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What’s the Best – or Worst – Office Space You’ve Ever Worked In?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

At CFID Studio, we design spaces where people love to work, play and eat. This week, we kick off a series we're calling "Love It or Hate It? Where We Work." We'll ask people from different industries about the best and worst office spaces they've ever worked in.

We’re super excited that our first post comes from the fashionable and well-written Katie Levans, co-founder and creative director at Charlotte Agenda. Let us know what you think – and what you love (or hate) about your work space.

New Charlotte Agenda HQ. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Agenda.

What did you love most about your favorite work space situation?

Katie: The new Agenda HQ is hands down the best office environment I've ever been in. Marisa Wilson at Artful Interiors designed the space. I think what resonates most for me about this office is how bright and open it is. If it's possible to align with an element, I am most definitely air, which means I feel most grounded in spaces with height, natural light and access to the outdoors. We've got all of that in our top floor unit at Gather Wilmore with soaring floor-to-ceiling windows, Uptown views and an adjacent patio. 

What did you like least about the worst space you ever worked in?

Katie: I absolutely despise an open office concept and have been trapped in different iterations of the style since college. I find the setup destructive not only to productivity but also to interpersonal relationships. Having my own office (with a door!) in our new space has been like one big exhale pent up for a decade. It's been fun to watch the evolution of the Agenda from meeting up with Ted in coffee shops to our closet-sized office in a coworking space in our early days to our shiny new HQ in the Gold District. It's all part of the process.

If you could design your dream work space, what would it include?

Katie: We've got it all in our new space — windows, lots of light, plants, patio access, private space and plenty of snacks. I'm still working on adding personality to my own office so I'm on the hunt for more art. And I guess a dog-friendly policy certainly wouldn't hurt but I'll have to take that up with Ted. :)

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