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3 ways to fill your creative cup

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Recent months have continued to be a drain for everyone, including creative types like designers. And let’s face it, creativity takes energy, lots of it.

New places inspire me, including this amazing blue water we saw on our family trip to Hawaii!

So how do you nourish your creative energy? Here are the top 3 things that keep my creative juices flowing.

  1. Travel - New places inspire me, whether it’s a quick research trip to rural France or a three-week RV journey out West with my family. Travel always brings me fresh ideas and inspiration. I’m trying to squeeze in every travel experience I can with my teenage boys before they’re out of the house, which has the upside of bringing me to lots of new places. (See also #3, as travel doesn’t have to mean leaving Charlotte!)

  2. Reading - I’m often up late on my Kindle finishing a novel I can’t put down. But there’s also something special about reading things in print. I still take the Sunday paper and Southern Living magazine. Leafing through the pages is a form of escapism I can’t get from scrolling Instagram or Pinterest. Look for me and my husband on the back deck with a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings, reading the paper like a couple of octogenarians!

  3. New Experiences - Experiencing new things with friends and family is another creativity-boosting activity for me. I recently took my two boys to an indoor skydiving spot as a birthday gift. The afternoon was a great combination of laughter and adrenaline that left me recharged for the work week. Learning to surf a few years ago during a LeaderSurf retreat falls into the same category. It got me out of my regular headspace, out of my comfort zone and into some different ways of thinking. Maybe take a moment each day to think about something new you learned or tried. It doesn’t have to be anything monumental. For instance, I recently learned I don’t hate brussel sprouts as much as I thought! Take this moment to stop and smell the roses, to realize all you accomplished in 24 hours, even if it’s small. The little things do matter.

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