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Office Spaces: The Best and Worst

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

In this installment of our series, “Where We Work,” we talk to a friend who has worked at companies including Sealed Air.

What did you love most about your favorite office space?

My favorite space was the R&D lab building at Sealed Air. It was a two-story, open floor plan with lots of natural light and surfaces, open seating plan and plenty of conference space with glass walls.

What did you like least about the worst space you ever worked in?

The worst spaces I’ve worked in were those with really high cubicle walls, minimal light, old technology (phones!), conference rooms without windows and no natural light to be found. You rarely knew how many people were around or where they were because the walls were so isolating. It was very quiet; almost too much so. Having worked in a formal office, as well as in purely open spaces, I think some barrier is good, but not barriers that reach almost to ceiling height.   

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