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A Week Eating at Some of My Favorite Restaurants

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

A Week Eating at Some of My Favorite Restaurants

(Full disclosure: they’re all clients of CFID Studio or clients I’ve worked with in a past life)

It’s probably a good thing that we design restaurants at CFID Studio because I’m a terrible cook. Just ask my husband or my two boys. The upside of my job is I know great restaurants all over the city, so there’s never a shortage of places to grab a bite or pick up some take out.

Here are some of my favorite places for every day of the week.

Monday Morning Detox

Luna’s Living Kitchen in Southend for a Biblical Breakfast with cranberry-walnut bread, organic butters, fig preserves and fresh fruit (Really!  Even this picky eater loves it!)

Taco Tuesday

Vida Cantina in the Epicenter for the Chicken and Roasted Corn Enchilada & bowling after at Strike City (who says you can’t bowl on a Tuesday?)


Dinner from Viva Chicken.  I always get the ½ chicken white meat and plantains, and my husband, Chris, could live off the Quinoa Stuffed Avocado.  We are creatures of habit for sure!


Wine and the Italian cheese & charcuterie appetizers at Dean & Deluca Wine Room, followed by dinner a few blocks away at Firebird's Southpark location, especially if they have the prime rib.

Friday Night Family Night

We walk to Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Dilworth or Mama Ricotta’s if it’s cold and pasta is in order. Or if we’ve got a sitter, we head to sushi at Yama Izakaya in Plaza Midwood (my boys don’t eat sushi yet; I’m working on it.  This one is for Chris).

Saturday Date Night

Toscana in Southpark for the Pollo Medici or Sea Level uptown (oysters for Chris, and the Basil Coconut Coolers for me!)


For a casual Sunday afternoon lunch or early dinner (lupper, anyone?), I love some good old southern BBQ. You can’t go wrong with Smoke Modern Barbecue in Stonecrest (my sister’s bubble so I can see her) for the pulled pork and mac and cheese or Midwood Smokehouse in Plaza Midwood for the chopped salad with pulled pork.  And starting in June, if you’re up for something lighter, there’s Yafo Kitchen in Southpark. I can’t wait to try the Yafo Shawarma.

The Charlotte restaurant scene is growing so fast and becoming more diverse than it was even a few years ago. I love it! And I’m so happy to be part of it by designing spaces for some of the most creative minds in the restaurant business.

But I do need to give one final shout out to my husband, Chris. When he’s cooking, our kitchen is my favorite restaurant in town.

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