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2016: A Year of Surprises and Inspiration

As we rush headlong into the holiday season, I’m feeling the pressure just like everyone else. Pressure to complete projects, finish business plans for next year, buy gifts, entertain.

But I’m also trying to reflect on the year and what it’s brought, especially for our company: new clients, new projects and new partners.

After more than 20 years in this business, I continue to be thankful for the experiences this job brings me and the people I meet.  Our company has partnered with a Parisian designer to create an authentic bistro in downtown Charlotte; met with a high-profile pro athlete to discuss his plans for a restaurant in South End; and been hired to re-design an award-winning restaurant for a gifted chef who is elevating Charlotte’s food scene.  And that’s just in the month of November!

Recently I met with my board of advisors to talk about strategy and plans for CFID Studio for the next 5-10 years. It was an eye-opening experience to see this company’s success and opportunities through the eyes of others who are respected in their fields and industries.

As I close out 2016, I’m feeling grateful for a career that continues to surprise and inspire me. And I look forward to the new projects headed our way in 2017. Most of all, I’m excited to see what our company will build with the amazing people we’ll meet along the way.

Thanks to each of you who have been part of our journey for the last three years. Here’s to many more!

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